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Habenaria Radiata

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Otherwise known as the ‘White Egret Orchid’, Habenaria ‘Radiata’ spreads its feathered wings like a Crane in flight. The graceful, pearly white flowers have an extraordinary form: heavily fringed external lobes radiate outwards, revealing a single, elongated petal at the centre. Each stalk can produce a flurry of up to 8 blooms, fluttering like a flock of miniature birds. The plumed flowers are surrounded by fine, strap-like leaves. Native to grassy wetlands, this ‘Bog Orchid’ prefers evenly moist but well-drained soil throughout the summer, and a dry, cool winter dormancy period. An exciting, unique addition to your conservatory, greenhouse, or sunny windowsills.

Care Guide

Known as Bog Orchids, Habenaria are best grown in deep pots of well-drained, slightly acid medium such as a specialist orchid mix, and kept in a bright conservatory or greenhouse.

Plant the tubers 5cm deep with the small dark eye facing upwards.  

Water with rainwater, ensuring the soil stays evenly moist during active growth.  During the winter months, allow soil to dry slightly as too much moisture will cause the tubers to rot.  Mist the plants rather than water during this period.

Stems ascend to 30cm tall, bearing intricate, butterfly-shaped blooms during July and August.

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