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  • Flowering Time
    • July
    • August
  • Planting Time
    • March
    • April
    • May
  • Growing
    • Hardy
    • Perennial
  • Flowering Height
    • 120 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • 18/20 cm
  • Colour
    • Blacks & Deep Shades
    • Oranges & Yellows

Tiger Lilies Lancifolium Splendens

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Lily lancifolium ‘Splendens’, otherwise known as a Tiger lily, displays deep amber orange blooms flecked with glossy black, like a Tiger’s coat. Gracefully nodding on wiry stems of up to 120cm, the recurved petals are swept backwards, creating interesting silhouettes amongst your borders. Despite its exotic, delicate appearance, ‘Splendens’ is remarkably robust, dependable, and hardy. Flowering between July and August, these prolific producers can yield up to 25 blooms per bulb once established, naturalising readily to form generous swathes. Tiger lilies also make wonderful, long-lasting cut flowers, lending a unique form and colour to your arrangements.

Care Guide

To cultivate lilies, choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil, digging a hole 15cm deep. Plant the bulbs 15-23cm apart, ensuring they sit 15cm below the soil surface. Water the surrounding soil well, maintaining soil moisture until growth emerges. Young shoots may be susceptible to slug damage, so use wildlife-friendly methods such as a top layer of sand to protect emerging growth. Most Lilies can also be grown in pots – ensure containers are deep and have large drainage holes in the base. As the majestic stems ascend, they will reach heights of 45-150cm, depending on variety. Support taller cultivars with stakes as they grow. Use dilute, balanced liquid plant feed every two weeks during the summer. Spray as soon as you notice the bright red lily beetle or their larvae.

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