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30 Award Winning Elite Daffodil Limited Offer

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A special offer for our discerning customers.

Do you remember your time at school when you were in the English class and had to recite William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’?

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

…and so, the poem went on for another three verses. 

I recall thinking as a 13-year-old, “Dear Lord, let this school day end”, having little comprehension how any human could be mesmerised by a daffodil. Fast forward to present day, and I now doff my metaphorical cap to W.W. and his poetry - which captured with eloquence the wonder of one of nature’s terrific creations.

Daffodils are a symbol of rebirth. Pretty obvious, as the sight of a drift of their yellow blooms are a harbinger of Spring, of better times, of warmer days, of the passing of winter.

Were you aware there are an astonishing 13,000 varieties of daffodils? An incredible number, though only a select few have the highest accolade bestowed on them - The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. 

Here is the make-up of your 30 Award Winning Elite Daffodils:

5 x February Gold

One of the finest early bloomers, Narcissus ‘February Gold’ has earned itself the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. You may be lucky enough to spot one or two blooms emerging in February in a sheltered spot, and the cheerful little flowers will proliferate enthusiastically as the season progresses. Pointed, curved petals of canary yellow emanate from a deeper saffron yellow trumpet with frills at the margin. Plant in drifts and fill window boxes and pots by the door to lift the spirits even on a grey day. Kick off the daffodil season in style with these radiant heralds of spring.

5 x Ice Follies

Long-lived with large, fragrant blooms of creamy white – the flowers of Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’ reliably reappear every March, emerging in a shade of soft spring yellow and gradually lightening as they age.  Winner of a prestigious ‘Award of Garden Merit’ from the RHS, ‘Ice Follies’ will naturalise and gently spread to create a carpet of showy, snowy blooms. A stylish choice for landscape planting and lining a driveway.

5 x Carlton

A prolific bloomer, big, bold, and bright yellow classic. Daffodil ‘Carlton’ is a worthy holder of the respected ‘Award of Garden Merit’ from the RHS.  A Narcissus grown extensively for cutting as the staunch flowers bloom early and in abundance.  A wide perianth and large open trumpet in matching egg-yolk yellow make ‘Carlton’ a robust and reliable option for perennial planting, and a faithful favourite amongst gardeners and florists.

5 x Pheasant's Eye

The latest of all daffodils to flower, ‘Pheasant’s Eye’ is a fitting finale to your narcissus display. This ‘Recurvus’ variety presents a broad, pure white perianth, swept back to set off a striking, chartreuse eye edged with cadmium orange. Widely considered to be the elite daffodil for its unparalleled elegance, scent and reliability, this historical narcissus holds the sought-after RHS Award of Garden Merit. A favourite variety for naturalising in woodlands, meadows, and grass swathes, where the graceful heads will bob and sway on the breeze. Jam-pack containers by the door to fully take advantage of the exquisite, aromatic, spicy fragrance.

5 x Dutch Master

A flamboyant, fragrant beauty which has been gracing garden borders and announcing spring since 1938 - ‘Dutch Master’ is a multi-award-winning Narcissi for good reason, holding an Award of Garden merit from the RHS amongst its accolades. Standing proud in the garden on long, strong stems, rich golden blooms feature a large, fluted central trumpet. Naturalises beautifully in borders, containers, and grassy areas, adding a swathe of spring sunshine wherever these Narcissi bloom.  Perfect for cutting and arranging.  Snip when the blooms are half open for a long vase life and condition separately before adding to arrangements or bouquets.

5 x Mount Hood

A top choice to adorn your spring garden with simplistic elegance, the pure white beauty of Narcissus ‘Mount Hood’ will alight otherwise dull areas and sparkle in sunshine.  Equally radiant in a stylish white and green planting scheme as it is next to spring pastels or bold brights.  Fellow border or container companions such as Hyacinths, Muscari, Erythronium, and Tulips will work in harmony side-by-side. The RHS has awarded Narcissus ‘Mount Hood’ a prestigious Award of Garden Merit for its excellent garden performance.  Bulbs will naturalise trouble-free for a repeat performance each spring.

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