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8 Astilbes Half Price Offer

(inc. 20.0% VAT)



Transform Your Garden with Astilbes: Effortless Beauty, Endless Charm

EIGHT quality Grade ‘A’ Astilbe roots.

Normal Price including Postage £37.75,

Special Price £18.88 and FREE p&p.

You will be receiving:

2 x Arendsii Spinell Red.

Discover the Arendsii Spinell Red – a garden masterpiece. Dazzling crimson blooms create a breathtaking display, perfect for elevating any landscape. You will be delighted when you see how this transforms your garden.

2 x Astilbe japonica Peach Blossom.

Enhance your garden with Astilbe japonica Peach Blossom. Soft, peach-hued plumes add a touch of elegance. Durable and low-maintenance – a superb selection for all gardens.

2 x Astilbe Hyacinth Purple.

Renew your garden with Astilbe Hyacinth Purple. Striking purple blooms add a regal touch, perfect for any setting. Easy to grow, it's an instant garden highlight.

2 x Astilbe Washington White.

Introducing Astilbe Washington White – a true garden gem. Pristine white flowers bring a serene elegance to any space. Easy-care and vibrant, a wise choice for garden lovers.

*Whist stocks last

**Only 200 collections available

What makes Astilbes a gardener's favourite is their remarkable resilience, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and colourful even in less sunny areas. Plus, they require minimal maintenance – a dream for time-pressed gardeners.

You already know the joy of seeing your garden come to life. Astilbes bring a special charm, flourishing where other plants may struggle.

"Nature's artwork is best displayed in the delicate form of an Astilbe," said the renowned gardener, Alice Martin. Our collection of Astilbes is a tribute to her vision, offering an array of colours to paint your garden with nature's palette.

I hope you choose to enrich your garden with these captivating blooms.

Here’s to a garden filled with life and movement,


Proprietor P. de Jager & Sons

PS Astilbes are where beauty meets simplicity, and their long life (10-15years) makes them a fine gardening investment.

PPS If you have never grown astilbes  from bare roots before, plant 5cms deep in moist, well-drained soil…and nature will do the rest.

Care Guide

Will thrive in any type of well-drained damp soil which does not dry out. Requires a sheltered sun to semi shade area. Plant 15 cm deep with the crown of the plant 3-5 cm below the ground 45-60 cm apart. Hardy.

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