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    • Whites & Creams

Curcuma White Wonder

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A quirky horticultural marvel, Cucurma ‘White Wonder’ is a unique, exciting curiosity for the discerning gardener. This tropical perennial is quick to capture attention with its distinctive appearance and spicy fragrance. Cucurma is a variety of turmeric that is as valuable in the garden as it is in the kitchen. Intricate layers of bracts form pinecone-shaped inflorescences of glistening white and lime green. These blooms are produced all through the summer and into autumn against a backdrop of luscious foliage. The tall stems make long-lasting cut flowers for a remarkable bouquet. Treat your Cucurma to warm, rich, moist soil and protect from frost.


Care Guide

Tropical looking Curcuma do best in a partly shaded location.

Plant rhizomes just 5cm deep, spaced 30cm apart in well-drained soil.  Provide regular watering, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist.

The lush stems of this herbaceous ornamental ginger will rise to heights of 30-75cm.  Unique, cone-shaped blooms bring an element of exotic allure to garden spaces between June and September.

Feed monthly during the growing season with dilute liquid fertiliser.

Frost protection required – mulch plants in mild regions or lift and bring undercover for the winter months.

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