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Anenomes are fragrant naturalising plants that will clothe your garden with colour and fragrance. Culture: any good soil, moderately well drained.  Plant 10-15 cm (4-6") apart, 5-8 cm (2-3") deep.  Steep corms in water for 10 hours before planting.

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  • Blanda Blue Shades


    Anemone Blanda Blue Shades.

    Greatly admired for its fine shades of blue flowers. Very free flowering.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit Mark.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Blanda Super Mixed


    Anemone Blanda Super Mixed.

    We strongly recommend Anemone Blanda. Dainty flowers of blue, pink and white.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit Mark.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Blanda White Splendour


    Anemone Blanda White Splendour.

    Very large snow-white flowers.  It is rated as one of the best.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Coronaria Double Lord Lieutenant


    Anemone Coronaria Double Lord Lieutenant.

    Magnificent stunning deep blue double flowers.  Very prolific flowering.  A must.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • De Caen Bicolor


    Anemone De Caen Bicolor.

    An excellent variety; single white flowers with prominent red ring around the black centre.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • De Caen Mr Fokker


    Anemone De Caen Mr Fokker.

    Fantastic vibrant violet-blue flowers with striking black stamens. A showstopper that thrives in the garden.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • De Caen Sylphide


    Anemone De Caen Sylphide.


    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • De Caen The Bride


    Anemone De Caen The Bride.

    Striking single pure white large flowers. Ideal cut flowers.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • De Caen Mixed Colours


    Anemone De Caen Mixed Colours.

    An outstanding strain known as ‘Poppy Anemones’. Colours ranging from white to deepish blue by way of pink, red and purple.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Nemorosa


    Anemone Nemorosa.

    The white ‘Wood Anemone’ is tinged pink. It makes a splendid carpet under trees and shrubs. Likes cool shade and soil enriched with leafmould. Will flower year after year. Plant rhizomes just beneath the surface.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Nemerosa Robinsoniana


    Anemone Nemerosa Robinsoniana.

    Highly attractive bright lavender-blue with dark green foliage tinged purple.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Nemorosa Vestal


    Anemone Nemorosa Vestal.

    Superb double white flowers with central buttons of symmetrically arranged sepals.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Ranunculoides


    Anemone Ranunculoides.

    Deep buttercup-yellow flowers with green shaded purple leaves, grows well in damp soil in the shade of trees.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • St Brigid Mix


    Anemone St Brigid Mix.

    Flowers are semi-double with numerous segments arranged in three or more layers around the centre.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Blue & White Mix


    Anemone Blue and White Mix.

    A balanced mix of The Bride and Mr. Fokker.

    (inc. 20% VAT)