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Alliums are very versatile bulbs. Not only are they decorative in the garden, they are also rewarding subjects for flower arrangers.

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  • Aflatunense


    Allium Aflatunense.

    A beautiful species with a dense umbel of purple-lilac flowers.  Excellent for drying.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Angulosum


    Allium Angulosum.

    Lilac-pink flowers with narrow green leaves.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Atropurpureum


    Allium Atropurpureum.

    A large compressed umbel of lovely deep red-purple flowers.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Caeruleum


    Allium Caeruleum.

    (syn. Azureum).  Fine small compact heads of deep flax-blue flowers.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Christophii


    Allium Christophii.

    (syn. Albopilosum).  Flowers freely in June, bearing large heads, up to 25cm (10”), of star-shaped amethyst-violet flowers with a metallic sheen.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Cowanii


    Allium Cowanii.

    Large heads of pure white flowers.  Extra fine for cutting.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Firmament


    Allium Firmament.

    Dark amethyst purple.  This variety is a cross between Atropurpureum and Christophii.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Flavum


    Allium Flavum.

    A wonderfully distinctive Allium, bearing dense umbels of up to 30 glistening yellow bell-shaped flowers.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Giganteum


    Allium Giganteum.

    An impressive variety bearing large heads of violet flowers up to 15 cm (6”) across.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Gladiator


    Allium Gladiator.

    Superb large head of lilac-purple flowers.  Strong grower.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Globemaster


    Allium Globemaster.

    This stately plant has enormous heads of aster-violet.  Leaves are glossy green.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Graceful


    Allium Graceful.

    White with purple stamens.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Karataviense


    Allium Karataviense.

    Large globular heads of light purple-pink with purple mid-veins, large flat reddish green leaves with red margins.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Karataviense Ivory Queen


    Allium Karataviense Ivory Queen.

    Outstanding ivory white globular heads.  Broad glaucous green foliage.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Miami


    Allium Miami.

    The lilac-purple semi-round blooms have open spiky flower heads.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Moly Jeannine


    Allium Moly Jeannine.

    Large golden-yellow star-shaped flowers.  Two flower stems per bulb.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Mount Everest


    Allium Mount Everest.

    Large heads some 12-15 cm (5-6”) across of pure white flowers with green stamens.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Nigrum


    Allium Nigrum.

    (syn. Multibulbosum).  Very fine semi-rounded heads of whitish flowers, accentuated by a green centre.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Obliquum


    Allium Obliquum.

    Pale yellow to lime-green flower heads.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Pink Jewel


    Allium Pink Jewel.

    Pale pink flower heads with each floret having a green eye.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Purple Rain


    Allium Purple Rain.

    Large violet-purple open flower heads.  A cross between Purple Sensation and Christophii.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Purple Sensation


    Allium Purple Sensation.

    A superb variety with large dense heads of 50 or more star-shaped deep purple flowers.  Excellent cut flowers.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Red Mohican


    Allium Red Mohican.

    Deep wine-red heads with a unique tuft at the top tipped with tiny white flowers.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Schubertii


    Allium Schubertii.

    A beautiful species with big heads of bright mallow-purple tubular flowers on long pedicels.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Sphaerocephalon


    Allium Sphaerocephalon.

    (Drumstick Flower). An interesting plant producing egg-shaped compact heads of purple-crimson flowers. Striking in borders or pots. 

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Summer Drummer


    Allium Summer Drummer.

    Majestic purple flowers with a creamy-white edge to each floret.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Unifolium


    Allium Unifolium.

    (American garlic) with graceful satin-rose flowers start flowering in May. Excellent in the rock garden.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)