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(Meadow Saffron). Colchicum are easy to grow, thriving in any well drained soil in sunny positions. Excellent naturaliser. They will flower year after year and increase freely.

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  • Autumnale


    Colchicum Autumnale.

    A very free-flowering with glorious purplish-pink flowers.  Valuable for naturalising.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Autumnale Alboplenum


    Colchicum Autumnale Alboplenum.

    Large white spectacular double flowers with several to each bulb. Adds magic to the garden.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Dick Trotter


    Colchicum Dick Trotter.

    An eye-catching combination of colours.  Violet flowers with star-shaped greenish white heart and yellow anthers.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Giant


    Colchicum Giant.

    Very large flowers of beautiful form.  Lightly tessellated lilac-purple petals with large white centre.  Increases freely.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Lilac Wonder


    Colchicum Lilac Wonder.

    A fine large-flowering hybrid with rich lilac-rose flowers.  Free-flowering and long-lasting.  One of the best!

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Speciosum Album


    Colchicum Speciosum Album.

    Beautiful large goblet-shaped snowy-white flowers with emerald-green tube of perfect form.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Violet Queen


    Colchicum Violet Queen.

    Violet-edged petals with a white centre and yellow anthers.

    (inc. 20% VAT)
  • Waterlily


    Colchicum Waterlily.

    Large double rosy-lilac flowers with segments opening horizontally to the sun.

    RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    (inc. 20% VAT)