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  • Colour
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    • Blues

Anemone De Caen Mr Fokker

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A rarely occurring colour in the natural world, the fantastic, vibrant, violet-blue blooms of Anemone De Caen ‘Mr Fokker’ will sparkle like sapphires in your garden. The intricately veined, ultramarine petals will stop you in your tracks with their mesmerising colour and intense, inky-black centres. These exquisite blooms are complimented by feathery, finely dissected foliage. Grow in containers to fully appreciate their detailed beauty, and plant in groupings in beds and borders for an abundant display of astonishing blue. Often referred to as the ‘florist’s anemone’, ‘Mr Fokker’ makes a dazzling addition to floral arrangements.

Care Guide

To grow Anemones successfully, select a partly shaded area with well-drained, humus-rich soil. Pre-soak corms overnight in tepid water, planting 5-8cm deep and 15cm apart the following day. Keep soil consistently moist without waterlogging and feed with dilute liquid seaweed every week during flower production. Graceful stems of open-faced blooms rise to heights of 15-30cm between March and June. The delicate flowers are wonderful for cutting and arranging. Can be grown undercover in a greenhouse or polytunnel for earlier flowers and may also be grown in containers or crates.

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