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Schizostylis Rosea

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As the rest of the garden winds down at the end of the season, sprays of starry, rose-pink Schizostylis ‘Rosea’ burst into life. ‘Schizostylis’ means ‘divided styles’, referencing the wispy, tripartite filaments extending from the centre of each bloom. Slender, semi-evergreen foliage offers lush greenery for most of the year, without being overbearing amongst borders. Despite their delicate appearance, these hardy perennials cope well with the British weather. Being native to South African wetlands, the rhizomes thrive in moist, rich soil and full sun. As a bonus, ‘Rosea’ will provide you with an abundant supply of admirable cut flowers, with spires of Gladioli-like blooms.

Care Guide

Plant bulbs outdoors in late spring, 5cm deep into soil which has been amended with plenty of organic matter.  Plant in groups, spacing bulbs 15-30cm apart.

Schizostylis will thrive in a sheltered, sunny border in well-drained, moisture retentive soil.  Water the ground well during the summer months and periods of dry weather.

The pink or scarlet flowers are wonderful for cutting, blooming from September until December in milder regions.

Provide winter protection with a layer of leaf mould, compost or straw.

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