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  • Flowering Time
    • August
    • September
  • Planting Time
    • March
    • April
    • May
    • June
  • Growing
    • Needs Winter Protection
    • Perennial
  • Flowering Height
    • 100 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • 16/+ cm
  • Colour
    • Greens

Galtonia Viridflora

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Verdant green is not reserved for foliage alone: Galtonia ‘Viridifolia’ provides the perfect complement to any colour scheme with its lush, lime-coloured flowers. Pendulous, bell-like blooms dangle from stately, structural spires, adding vertical interest to borders and containers.  Galtonia ‘Viridifolia’ is long-lasting in the garden and vase alike, gradually opening from the base upwards and retaining neat, tight buds at the pinnacle. This variety flowers in late summer and into autumn, giving your display a lift of fresh green just as the rest of the garden begins to brown.

Care Guide

A warm, sunny position is essential for Galtonia to thrive.

Space bulbs 30cm apart, planting them 10-15cm deep in well-drained, humus-rich soil in early spring.  The bulbs can also be grown in large pots for a handsome, stately late-summer display.

Provide consistent watering, ensuring the soil stays moderately moist during the growing season.

After flowering, cut down spent stems once withered and mulch the crowns for winter protection.  In areas with severe winters, lift and pot-up the bulbs, storing them in a frost-free place until next spring.

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