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  • Flowering Time
    • June
    • July
    • August
  • Planting Time
    • March
    • April
    • May
  • Growing
    • Hardy
    • Needs Winter Protection
  • Flowering Height
    • 30-35 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • 14/+ cm
  • Colour
    • Whites & Creams
    • Pinks & Pastels

Zantedeschia Zazu

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With silky, lipstick pink flowers, Zantedeschia ‘Zazu’ is the epitome of glamour. This head-turning variety flaunts sculptural, fluted spathes, streaked with a paler blush at the base. The rosy blooms are shown to advantage by a backdrop of rich green, lightly mottled leaves. This compact variety is ideal for gardens where space is at a premium and will flourish in well-watered containers on your patio. Snip a few stems of these elegantly shaped, upright blooms to enjoy in your home as cut flowers, where they can last for over a week in the vase.

Care Guide

Most varieties of Zantedeschia grow best in a conservatory or greenhouse in sun or part shade. 

Plant rhizomes 8-10cm deep in a container filled with good quality, free-draining multi-purpose compost.  Provide consistent watering, ensuring the soil stays moderately moist to maintain lush growth of your calla lilies.

Plants can be gradually hardened off in late spring and enjoyed outdoors in a sunny spot for the warm summer months.

Once flowers start to appear, feed plants every 3 weeks with high-potash liquid fertiliser.

These frost-tender perennials must be brought back indoors before temperatures drop in autumn and protected from freezing temperatures.

Zantedeschia Aethiopica is the only fully hardy member of the family which may be grown outdoors all year round

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