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  • Flowering Time
    • June
    • July
    • August
  • Planting Time
    • March
    • April
    • May
  • Growing
    • Needs Winter Protection
    • Perennial
  • Perfect For
    • Pots & Tubs
    • Scented
    • Small Garden & Balcony
  • Flowering Height
    • 30-40 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • 14/+ cm
  • Colour
    • Whites & Creams

Hymenocallis Harrisiana

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It is easy to see why Hymenocallis are often referred to as the ‘Spider Lily’, and none more so than the curious ‘Harrisiana’. This unique variety features wispy, stranded segments emanating from a small central trumpet, crowned by thread-like filaments. The slender flowers waft above dark green, strap-like foliage. Beyond their fanciful appearance, these ‘Peruvian Daffodils’ deliver incredible scent – like a citrus-laced Lily of the Valley. The delicate, spindly blooms are a novel addition to containers and the front of borders, to be admired up close. Offer some winter protection to ensure a repeat performance year after year

Care Guide

Hymenocallis grow best in a sunny, sheltered location.  

Plant the bulbs with their tips just above the surface of the soil in borders or containers spaced 20cm apart.

Light, well-drained soil is essential for these unusual plants to thrive.  If growing in pots, use an equal mix of loam, good quality multi-purpose compost and sharp sand.

Provide consistent watering, ensuring the soil stays moderately moist.

Bring pots undercover for winter or lift bulbs and store in dry medium such as spent compost once flowering stems have withered in autumn.

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