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  • Flowering Time
    • July
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    • March
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  • Growing
    • Hardy
    • Perennial
  • Flowering Height
    • 15-25 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • Top Size
  • Colour
    • Purples & Mauves
    • Greens

Roscoea Auriculata

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An unusual gem to enliven lacklustre, shaded areas of the garden, Roscoea ‘Auriculata’ produces dainty, royal purple, orchid-like blooms set against lance-like leaves. Part of the Ginger family, Roscoea have an exotic, delicate appearance, yet unlike most relatives of Ginger, these are native to cold, mountainous regions and are found growing at great altitude in the Himalayas. Roscoea is therefore used to challenging conditions and is fully hardy. This vigorous variety has earned an RHS Award of Garden Merit for its reliable performance. Best planted in dappled shade such as the edge of a woodland garden, and beneath shrubs and trees.

Care Guide

Prefers dappled shade or an area of the garden which receives sun for only part of the day as the orchid-like flowers shrivel quickly in hot weather.

Cultivate Roscoea in rich, moisture retentive, well-drained soil.  These hardy perennials can also be grown in large pots of soil-based compost.

Plant rhizomes in spring, 10cm deep, spaced 15cm apart in the soil.  

Provide consistent watering after planting and throughout the first growing season, ensuring the soil stays moderately moist.

Remove spent flower stems and cut back old foliage in autumn. 

No special winter protection necessary.

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