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  • Flowering Time
    • July
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    • October
  • Planting Time
    • March
    • April
    • May
  • Growing
    • Lift After Flowering Season
  • Perfect For
    • Cutting
  • Flowering Height
    • 100 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • Top Size
  • Flower Diameter
    • 12 cm
  • Colour
    • Pinks & Pastels
    • Purples & Mauves
    • Oranges & Yellows

Dahlia Anemone Floorinoor

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Dahlia 'Floorinoor' is the botanical embodiment of a fruity, tropical cocktail, with colours intermingling like the vibrant components of a perfectly mixed drink. Just as a cocktail delights the senses, 'Floorinoor' tantalizes with its sunset-inspired palette. Slender raspberry pink petals are crowned by a tighter cluster of deep orange and pineapple yellow petals, perched on top like a garnish. This floral concoction provides a revitalising burst of colour in late summer, with bountiful blooms continuing all the way through to the first frosts. 'Floorinoor' will bring the flavour of a tropical holiday to your own outdoor paradise.

Care Guide

To grow Dahlias, select a sunny spot with well-drained soil, and dig a 30cm deep hole. Plant the tuber 10cm below the soil surface, spacing multiple tubers 45cm apart, or 90cm for taller varieties. Water consistently, maintaining moist but not saturated soil and protect new shoots from slug damage with eco-friendly methods. Feed plants during the blooming period with liquid plant food. Provide support for stems which will reach 60-90cm tall depending on variety. Enjoy spectacular blooms from late summer until first frosts. Cut or deadhead the flowers regularly for a continually flourishing display. Once blooming has finished, cut back foliage before lifting, drying and storing the tubers in peat-free substitute, in a frost-free place until the following spring.

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