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    • October
  • Planting Time
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  • Growing
    • Lift After Flowering Season
  • Perfect For
    • Cutting
    • Pots & Tubs
  • Flowering Height
    • 50 cm
  • Bulb Size
    • Top Size
  • Flower Diameter
    • 9 cm
  • Colour
    • Reds & Burgundy

8 Top-Size Container Dahlia Tubers 61% Offer

(inc. 20.0% VAT)



A joyous “Good Day” to you, and welcome to another of de Jager’s popular offers. This summer imagine your patio and balcony alive with the vibrant colours of stunning dahlias.

Our selection of container dahlias are designed for you to appreciate the simple pleasures of gardening, right within arm's reach .

8 Top-size Container Dahlia Tubers, catalogue price £51.15 including postage, at an incredible bargain price of £19.99 with FREE P&P. 61% discount (whilst stocks last). Obviously, a fantastic deal. As a plant lover please do not miss out.

You are going to receive:

2 x top-quality Hartenass Dahlia tubers.

The Hartenaas dahlia captures hearts with delicate, waterlily-like blooms. This variety showcases petals in shades of soft pink and creamy white, creating a dreamy, ethereal effect in the garden. A highly sought-after choice for both garden displays and refined floral arrangements.

2 x top-quality Melody-Bolero Dahlia tubers.

The Melody-Bolero dahlia sings with vibrant hues of hot red, generating a visual opus in your garden. The striking colour and pompon blooms make this attractive to both gardeners and pollinators. Perfect for adding a splash of passion and energy. Clearly a desirable choice if you are looking to brighten up outdoors, and indoors, with lively, eye-catching flowers.

2 x top-quality Alstergrusse Dahlia tubers.

Truly, a gardener's delight which flaunts enchanting marmalade hued petals, radiating warmth and elegance. The robust blooms and captivating colour make this highly suitable for bouquets and for luminous garden displays. A real charmer,

2 x top-quality Dahlia Sneezy tubers.

'Sneezy' provides a lovely spectacle with pure white, single flowers exuding style and simplicity. The pristine petals surrounding a vibrant yellow centre, creates a contrast which catches the eye. With beauty and unassuming charm, ‘Sneezy’ adds a touch of serene sophistication to your gardens. 'Sneezy' is a cherished choice among dahlia lovers.

8 Top-size Container Dahlia Tubers, catalogue price £51.15 including postage, at an incredible bargain price of £19.99 with FREE P&P. 61% discount (whilst stocks last).

Perhaps now is the time to consider adding dahlias to your container garden. These flowers, known for their bright colours and full blooms, fit perfectly in pots and bring a special touch to your home and garden. Even with limited room, you can enjoy their beauty up close on your patio or balcony.

"To nurture a dahlia is to cultivate joy itself, watching as each flower unfurls like a smile spreading across nature's face."

When you choose these superb dahlias, you bring the exquisite into your daily life, because you now have a wonderful garden on your doorstep. This is gardening simplified, and beauty magnified.

As this is one of our biggest discounts,  I do hope you choose to take advantage of this offer…as a loyal customer you deserve it.

Care Guide

To grow Dahlias, select a sunny spot with well-drained soil, and dig a 30cm deep hole. Plant the tuber 10cm below the soil surface, spacing multiple tubers 45cm apart, or 90cm for taller varieties. Water consistently, maintaining moist but not saturated soil and protect new shoots from slug damage with eco-friendly methods. Feed plants during the blooming period with liquid plant food. Provide support for stems which will reach 60-90cm tall depending on variety. Enjoy spectacular blooms from late summer until first frosts. Cut or deadhead the flowers regularly for a continually flourishing display. Once blooming has finished, cut back foliage before lifting, drying and storing the tubers in peat-free substitute, in a frost-free place until the following spring.

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