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Double Freesia Mixture

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With delightful petticoats of petals, vibrant colour, and exceptional scent, this ‘Double Freesia Mixture’ is a superb addition to your early summer display. A pleasing, joyful combination of pink, mauve, yellow, orange, and white, this kaleidoscopic collection brings instant pizazz to borders, beds, and containers. Freesias truly come into their own as cut flowers. Their spiced, citrus, fresh fragrance is often used in perfumes, and a home-grown bunch will act as a natural scent diffuser in your home. These specially selected varieties boast long, strong stems which are perfect for filling vases and giving in bouquets to loved ones.

Care Guide

Freesias grow best outdoors in a sunny position or in a greenhouse in shade until established.  Plant the corms in March-May, with the tip pointing upwards, 5cm deep, into well-drained, fertile, loamy soil.  Space the corms 5-10cm apart in groups or drifts.

When you notice buds appearing, apply a dose of liquid fertiliser weekly to encourage large, healthy blooms.

Provide consistent watering, ensuring the soil stays moderately moist.

Provide support in the form of netting or pea sticks for taller varieties.

After the fragrant flowers have finished blooming, allow foliage to die back naturally before lifting and storing the corms over winter in a dry medium such as spent compost until the following spring.

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