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The Classic Collection - Outdoor Pots & Tubs

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Fill your pots with a dreamy mix of bulbs in tonal shades, to bloom in succession from early spring. Fresh white Chionodoxa, known as ‘Glory of the Snow’ will emerge first, followed by the delicate feathery purple plumes of Iris reticulata. Richly scented blue Hyacinths flower during March and April, just as the pointed tips of vibrant pink tulips rise and burst forth into bloom to complete this showstopping symphony of colourful and textural classics. We recommend planting your bulbs 4cm (1.5”) apart in a container which is 65cm (25”) deep. Start layering your bulbs with the largest and latest blooming varieties at the bottom, decreasing in size to the smallest bulbs on top.

15 x Pink Tulips, 5 x Blue Hyacinths, 10 x Iris Reticulata and 10 x Chionodoxa White.

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